•SUNPOWER started out as a focused Engineering company designing custom made power solutions like UPS systems and Voltage Stabilizers for a wide range of diversified clients from the Banking, Telecom and Corporate sectors. •

•Moving into the 21st century SunPower in tune with the needs of its customers is ever expanding and diversifying.
SunPower in line with its Motto to be the One Roof Power Solution Provider has Expanded into the World of Alternate Power Solutions, mainly Solar Power.

•We take Pride in being able to Provide to Our Patron Customers World Wide Customized Solutions for their Alternate Energy Ambitions.

What Else we do !

•We Also Carry solutions for a wide range of Solar Panels, in both Mono Crystalline and Multi Crystalline Configurations and Inverters, in both Stand Alone and to Grid Configurations.

•With years of experience in the power field, SunPower is always interested in venturing and exploring newer technologies, Sunpower is constantly in search of implementing tomorrows technology today.

•SUNPOWER Logo and Brand name is today symbolic amongst our clients and we are known for our most competent services, aggressive prices and wide range of highly reliable power systems. With major export markets being Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South America we are currently expanding our distribution network with major distribution houses, IT resellers and power specialists.

Our Strengths

•Turn-Key Solutions

•We have the knowledge and experience to provide our patron clients with Turn-Key solutions in the Renewable Energy market. Be it an industrial partnership or someone just planning to enter this market as a retailer, without doubt this is the most profitable market of the future and we can help in developing your ideas into action and bring profitable development in your company. •Power Plants

•We want to join you in the continuing effort to bring Solar renewable energy to its real potential. To make others believe in this sector, not only as a profitable business but also as a new way to produce clean energy in a brilliant and more intelligent way by using Solar Edge Inverter systems ! We know how to accomplish your goals, through all legal and technical aspects, providing the materials and the knowledge that is necessary. •Creating strategic partnerships

•Many have asked us how do we build large infrastructures, evaluated millions on dollars, in such a brief time. How is it possible to achieve that kind of installation with all legal and technical aspects under full control. The key to success, not only in this business, is to find the right people and companies. This is the most important subject of any operation: put the right person in the right position, motivate it and get fast and efficient results.

Our Profile

• SunPowers Current Goals and Focus are to expand its renewable energy portfolio via its investments in Strategically places alliances with manufacturers, EPC partners and Financial Institutions in the main renewable energy markets around the world.

• SunPower is a Holding company which invests worldwide through its subsidiaries in the building and operation of renewable energy generating ventures in potential and lucrative energy markets around the globe with a primary focus on European Markets

• We have many advantages due to the large diffusion in many important markets due to being strategically placed which allows us to reach market opportunities

• Having on our team the best professionals in their branch, varying from legal advisors, EPC providers we are able to finish an installation in 45 days, which can only be achieved with perfect planning and schedule.

Our Mission

• SunPowers vision is to change the way energy is provided. We would like to contribute Substantially to the creation of a sustainable renewable energy system. We aim to build Power generation plants, implement new technologies and play a leading role in the Consolidation of the fragmented and emerging clean energy markets.